If you are would like to save money on the cost of a site visit and consultation, it is possible to discuss your proposals over the phone or in an email, and for you to carry out a measured survey of your property yourself.

You will need a camera, a tape measure (or even better, a laser measuring device such as a disco), and a pen and paper.

  1. Start by taking a photograph of each elevation of your property.
  2. Next, measure the perimeter of the building
  3. If possible, take measurements of height of the windows from the ground and the window height as well as the height to the eaves.
  4. Roughly sketch the internal layout of the property and then measure each internal surface and door opening
  5. Measure the ceiling height in each room

Once you have done this for all the floor of your property, either scan in the drawings or take a photo of them on your phone, and email them to enquiries@theextensionexperts.co.uk.

We will then receive your drawings and information and get to work putting together professional CAD drawings.

If there are any further measurements that we require we will advise you.