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Planning Applications Prices

Prices for Planning Applications start from £795, and include all the drawings and information necessary to make your application compliant, as well as detailed research to greatly increase the chance of you gaining permission.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations Prices

Our prices for detailed Building Regulations start from £875 and include for detailed drawings and notes necessary to provide the Building Control department all the information they need to ensure that you development meets the latest Building Regulations.

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawing Prices

The prices for CAD drawings vary greatly depending on the nature and detail of the proposed works. We produce our CAD drawings using the latest CAD software. Click on the image above to find out about our prices for CAD drawings.

Measured Surveys

Measured Survey Prices

We can carry our measured surveys of buildings and sites for any purpose you require. From lease plans to detailed site plans of existing buildings. To find out about our pricing for measured surveys, click on the image above.

Building Survey Report Prices

Our prices for Building Survey Reports start from £495 and provide you will a highly detailed report on the condition of a property which is produced by an expert Chartered Surveyor.

Property Tax

Homebuyer’s Report Prices

Our prices for Homebuyer’s Reports start from just £275, and provide you with an overview of the condition of a property which can be pivotal in the decision whether to purchase a property. Click on the image above to find out about our Homebuyer’s Report prices.